Ways to Donate to Ski for Light, Inc.

Your tax-deductible gift to Ski for Light may be made:

Ski for Light also accepts gifts of other types of assets, including shares of common stock or bonds. There can be considerable tax advantages to you for donating this way. For help with such donations, send an e-mail message to: Treasurer@sfl.org.

Your gift may be directed to the General Operating, Goodfellow, or Endowment fund. Each fund is described below.

You may also want to consider making a special or planned gift to Ski for Light, such as including a bequest to SFL in your will or living trust, or including SFL as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Information about this type of gift is contained in the SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, below.

The General Operating and Goodfellow Funds

Each year Ski for Light must raise a substantial amount of money to keep the fees charged to blind and mobility-impaired skiers and volunteer instructor guides to a level that is affordable. The General Operating and Goodfellow funds, which provide much of this support, pay for scholarships, stipends, guide training activities, transportation to the hotel and ski site, and much, much more. This is our biggest financial need each and every year.

Donors of $50 or more to the General Operating or Goodfellow funds are recognized, unless otherwise requested, in the SFL Annual Report, per the following schedule:

The Endowment Fund

Has Ski for Light touched your life? If so, you can help to ensure that it will touch the lives of future generations by contributing to the Ski for Light Endowment Fund.

What's an endowment? An endowment is funds or property donated to an organization as a source of income. Most endowments, including the Ski for Light Endowment Fund, have covenants that limit the portion of the fund that may be spent in any year. In general, only the income or a portion of the income may be spent, with original donations preserved to earn income for use in subsequent years. This ensures that the organization will have funds with which to operate over the long term.

There are many ways you can support the Ski for Light Endowment Fund, from a gift of cash by mail or with your credit card, to Gifts of stock or bonds, to a designated donation from your IRA.

There are also several ways to help Ski for Light in the future that won't change your current financial situation: name Ski for Light as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy or living trust. For more information on this subject, please:
View or download the SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, low resolution (0.4 MB, Adobe PDF format).

View or download the SFL Endowment and Gift Planning brochure, high resolution (5.4 MB, Adobe PDF format, best for printing, requires legal size paper).>

Gifts of $50 or more to the Endowment Fund are recognized in the SFL Annual Report, unless otherwise requested, with donors of $400 or more becoming Life Members of Friends of Ski for Light.

The Tracksetter Society - The Ski for Light Tracksetter Society honors and recognizes our special friends who have remembered Ski for Light in their estate plans. Anyone who has included Ski for Light, Inc. as a beneficiary in his or her will or living trust becomes, if they so choose, a member of the Society. If you have designated Ski for Light as a beneficiary in your estate plan, please let us know.

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