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Skiing. Sharing. Learning. The mission of Ski for Light is to enhance the quality of life and independence of visually or mobility-impaired adults through a program of cross-country skiing.

What is Ski for Light?

Ski for Light, Inc. is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1975 that teaches the basics of classic cross-country skiing to adults who are visually- or mobility-impaired, while giving participants who have already learned the basics of the sport the chance to improve their skills or to just have fun on the snow. All of this takes place during an annual week-long event at a U.S. location that changes from year to year, and is made possible by the volunteer sighted and able-bodied experienced cross-country skiers who attend as guides and instructors. But Ski for Light is much more than a learn-to-ski program. Here is a more complete Description of the Ski for Light Program and how it works.

Are You New to Ski for Light?

There are links to lots of information on this page for both sighted and visually- or mobility-impaired people who want to know more about us. See particularly the links under SFL Publications, News, History and Other Information further down the page.

If you are thinking about attending Ski for Light the best place to start may be to watch the Ski for Light video that was produced during the 2013 event in Michigan. It does a great job showing and telling the story of Ski for Light in an inspiring manner.

If you are thinking about attending Ski for Light as a visually- or mobility-impaired participant, you may also want to read the Information for Prospective First-Time Attendees. This provides much more information about the totality of the SFL experience, and the reasons why it is often described as a life-changing experience.

Also, check us out on Facebook, and please contact us with your questions at

The 2016 Ski for Light International Week

The 41st annual Ski for Light International Week will take place from Sunday January 24 to Saturday January 30 in Northwest Lower Michigan on the grounds of Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire, Michigan. Located just 45 minutes from the Traverse City airport, Shanty Creek Resorts is a 4,500 acre complex containing three housing and entertainment villages, both cross-country and downhill ski trails, a tubing hill, several swimming pools and hot-tubs, a fitness center and spa, and much more. Shanty Creek Resorts is a true destination resort, with everything you might want right on the grounds.

Please be aware that:

If you have never before attended what many have called the experience of a lifetime, please read Information for Prospective First-Time Attendees to learn what the week is all about and how it works.

If you are a veteran of previous SFL events, please proceed directly to the Details of the 2016 Event to learn the details of the event and to access the easy-to-complete 2016 online application forms. We look forward to seeing you in Michigan!

Please note that as of November 24 we are continuing to accept guide applications for the 2016 event, and in fact could use a few more guides for the week. We are also continuing to accept applications from Visually- or mobility-impaired applicants, but such applicants should know that we will be able to accept them only if enough additional guides apply in the remainder of November and into December.

Information for Accepted Applicants

If you have received a notification of acceptance to the 2016 Ski for Light event, please proceed to the Information for Accepted Applicants page. Here, you may pay your event fee online with your Visa or Mastercard, read the 2016 Waiver of Liability and send us your acceptance of the terms described, read the travel information for the 2016 event and send us your travel plans, and read about special-interest sessions and let us know if you would like to lead such a session this year..

Looking Back at the 2015 International Event

SFL Publications, News, History and Other Information

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